Why The FertilityMoon Is The 2024 ConceptionMoon

If BabyMoons are a couple’s last chance to take a child-less, stress-free trip before the sleepless nights begin – then a ConceptionMoon is what happens before the baby is made.

What Is A ConceptionMoon?

Beautiful Beach Picture - where you want to take a conceptionmoon

A ConceptionMoon is a vacation for couples who are explicitly trying to have a baby.  Couples hope that the sun and stress-free environment will increase their chances of making a baby.  Plus, it sounds fun, right? Given how much the world has been in need of a vacation and stress reduction, we are proclaiming 2024 “the year of the ConceptionMoon”.

The goal of a ConceptionMoon is to remove the external stress factors that may be reducing the chances of conceiving.  In addition, adding things like acupuncture, extra Vitamin D from the sun or meditation to your routine may have a positive impact as well.

BabyCenter stated that approximately 13% of women were planning a ConceptionMoon this year. When followed up, about half of those women got pregnant! While we have no scientific data to state why this is, there are some theories as to why this happens.  These theories include decreased cortisol levels, reduced free radicals and a more alkaline state.

What Is A FertilityMoon?

But, what happens when you’re having difficulty getting pregnant? Quite often, getting pregnant isn’t as simple as people think. Even at optimal fertility age, usually in the mid-20s, a woman only has a 20% chance of getting pregnant every month.  In addition, things like stress can have a direct impact on the body’s ability to get create a child.

Now, some couples are even taking it a step further and planning a FertilityMoon.  Although not as sexy, approximately 1 in 8 couples will have trouble getting pregnant and need intervention with the help of a specialist.  Although the taboo around the topic is drastically decreasing due to celebrities and the public being more open about IVF, some women still find it challenging to tell others about their troubles conceiving.  A FertilityMoon is planning a vacation with your IVF or egg freezing treatment.  Treatment costs are often not covered by insurance in the United States and can get quite costly.  Hence some are considering options outside of the United States for fertility treatment.

How Does A FertilityMoon Work?

For FertilityMoons, you can do a majority of your initial bloodwork and consults in your hometown.  Usually, the clinic you choose will work with you to find the right place to go.  Around day 6 or 7 of administering medication, the patient will fly to the clinic of their choice to enjoy some peace and quiet, finish the last few days of medication and have the final egg retrieval procedure.  Since the egg retrieval procedure is outpatient, the patient is often able to go back to their hotel and enjoy their warm, sunny environment.  The patient can fly within 2 days of the procedure.

Clinics like Cayman Fertility Centre opened in January of 2019 to support the mission of providing treatment to women who need that extra relax factor. This is a great option for relaxing in anonymity while also having some of the highest success rates in the world.


The cost for a simple IVF cycle in New York (with medications) can get you both IVF, medications and a vacation for the same price, with some money to spare.

Take a look at some other articles about reducing stress through meditation, a method called grounding and extra sun.  Reducing stress in whatever manner you can, while trying to conceive, will no doubt have a positive effect on your journey.


The Destination Fertility Team