Meet Dr. Joseph Davis – The Reproductive Endocrinologist Behind Destination Fertility

Thank you for checking out I’m Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist Dr. Joseph B Davis. I went into medicine because I truly believe that promoting wellness is an essential part of healthcare. To me, this means empowering people with the knowledge to live a healthy life.

Meet ‘The Destination Doc’, Dr. Joseph Davis And Learn Why He Started Destination Fertility.

While working as a Reproductive Endocrinologist at one of the best fertility centers in the United States, I listened and empathized with my patient’s family building challenges first hand.  During these conversations, I saw a common theme.  Nearly all patients expressed feelings of stress and anxiety, often due to a lack of success in achieving pregnancy, and the financial burdens associated with fertility treatments.  These financial burdens included the high cost of care, lack of funds and weak insurance coverage.

And because I’m not only a Reproductive Endocrinologist but a Doctor of Osteopathy, I knew that there had to be a way to make the IVF journey better for you.

What Is A Doctor Of Osteopathy?

Both an MD (Doctor of Medicine) and a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) are physicians that are licensed in the United States and around the world. The education and certifications between the two designations are very similar, however, the most glaring difference is the approach to patient care.

A Doctor Of Osteopathy firmly believes in treating the patient through a holistic and well-rounded approach which includes both mind and body.  While a DO still prescribes medications and uses the latest technological advances, we also believe things like meditation, external stress factors, and nutrition can have a synergistic effect.  I wanted a way to bring these approaches to my patients, so I decided to leave a busy and successful practice in New York City and open a practice in the Cayman Islands in conjunction with starting this website.

The goal of my practice, Cayman Fertility Centre, is to offer patients the same high-quality fertility care that they would receive in the United States, but in the peaceful and tranquil Caribbean setting.  By coupling a getaway with your IVF or egg freezing care, you can now remove the additional work stresses and avoid awkward questions about showing up late to the office (due to fertility appointments) or running into a friend in the waiting room.  The ability to meditate, walk on the beach or unwind is something that’s often difficult to do in your home environment, and my new fertility center in the Cayman Islands will allow you to do so.

In addition, Destination Fertility was created to educate patients about how the synergistic tools of meditation, nutrition, and mindset can benefit your fertility treatment.  This website will also provide information about traveling for treatment in general, the details of the IVF process and how cost efficient it all can be.  IVF and egg freezing can be done in new, amazing ways from spectacular locations and I hope this website provides some insight into that.

Please use the comment box below to contact me directly with any questions and comments.  These will help me generate future blog posts that benefit YOU.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Dr. Joseph Davis