Are You Considering Traveling For IVF or Egg Freezing Treatment?

You’re not alone.  Many patients are thinking about their options outside of the United States due to the cost of treatment, medications and the desire for more privacy.

If you don’t see your questions answered here about traveling for IVF or egg freezing treatment, please reach out to us directly. 

You’ve Heard Of ConceptionMoons, But FertilityMoons?

ConceptionMoons are popular reasons to take a  vacation, but is it possible to turn your IVF cycle into a vacation too?

Let us show you how it’s possible to get a vacation + IVF treatment, for the same price as IVF treatment back home.


who accredits fertility centers abroad

Who Accredits Fertility Centers Abroad? 

If you’re considering getting IVF or egg freezing abroad, rest assured there are several governing bodies that ensure the fertility clinics are reputable and safe.

Read More About The Organizations That Accredit Fertility Clinics Abroad 

travel after fertility

When Can I Travel After Fertility Treatment?

If you are traveling abroad or away from home for fertility treatment, you may be wondering how soon you can travel again after your treatment.

Let’s Talk About The Fertility Travel Timeline 


8 Tips For Traveling With Fertility Medications

If you are traveling for during fertility treatments, bringing lots of needles can be a challenge. Check out our article for some tips.

How to travel with needles.


If you are interested in traveling for treatment, and would like an opinion on traveling or your specific fertility case please contact us directly to set up a free phone consult. 


The Destination Fertility Team