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Why The FertilityMoon Is The 2022 ConceptionMoon

If BabyMoons are a couple’s last chance to take a child-less, stress-free trip before the sleepless nights begin – then a ConceptionMoon is what happens before the baby is made. What Is A ConceptionMoon? A ConceptionMoon is a vacation for couples who are explicitly trying to have a baby. ...

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Who Accredits Fertility Centers Abroad in 2021?

If you are looking for the highest recommended IVF clinics abroad, it may be beneficial to also take a look at the organizations that regulate and accredit fertility centers around the world. There’s no doubt that choosing a clinic, especially outside of your home country, can be overwhelming.  Luckily,...

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what is the egg freezing process

The Egg Freezing Process: From Start To Finish

Thinking about egg freezing? You’re likely curious as to what steps are involved in the egg freezing process.  Today, we will share the process of egg freezing, the timeline and what is needed from a patient’s perspective. Step 1: Schedule A Consult With A Reproductive Endocrinologist  The first step...

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The exercises you can do during ovarian stimulation

Can I Exercise During Ovarian Stimulation?

Exercise is a great way to maintain a healthy weight to reduce stress and anxiety. However, when undergoing an egg retrieval cycle, exercise during ovarian stimulation can have risks that need to be taken seriously. While you are taking your hormones and injectable medications, your ovaries are growing multiple...

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